6 Most Popular Stereotypes about Smart Home

Smart building

’’I can’t afford it, it is very expensive’’

"Smart home" is the ability to automate tasks and scenarios: lightening, heating, video surveillance, water supply, ventilation, gas supply, power supply, etc. However, it’s not necessary to use all of these functions. Of all the functions, you can choose only those that you need, this will help you minimize costs. A smart home system is an investment that starts to pay off in comfort right away, as you can forget about the lights left behind and the rooms that are too cool or overheated, will help you save on paying electricity bills.

’’Difficult to use”

Automation systems were designed to simplify life, not complicate it. The smart house does not replace the usual ability to control functions manually with light switches and thermostats, it additionally provides control with a tablet or smartphone. The Smart Home application, which combines all the necessary building systems, is individually designed and customized, we install it on your device so that you have your eyes and ears at your fingertips from anywhere.

”Difficult to maintain”

After installation, the system is made fully available to the owner and does not require maintenance on regular basis. We provide training on how to use the system.
After the handover, within the test week, our team adjusts all the necessary changes, when the owner has moved into the house and started using it. If you need to add special devices or change scenarios in the future, our technical support is available 24/7.

”System set up takes a long time’’

Some people believe that smart home system installation can take about a year, but as shows our experience it takes much less.  Setting up smart home might take up to several months. The process consists of several stages
1️⃣ Design, which takes about two weeks,
2️⃣ Material delivery, and assembly & setup work, and
3️⃣ Installation, programming which can take from one week to few months, depending on the construction schedule.
The construction of the wiring is done at the beginning of the construction of your home, which must be in accordance with the Smart Home project.

“The system takes up a lot of space”

The smart home system consists of wires, cables and a central control panel. Smart home cables takes less place than casual cables. All wires are hidden from view. The electric shield, may be of different sizes, depending on the selected modifications. All smart system auto components are located in a separate electrical shield. In general, it can be easily integrated into the design and made invisible.

“Smart home is unsafe”

”Someone can easily access the management of my home” This is the fear of many people about the smart home. Most smart home systems use encrypted communication channels to transfer messages and data between system components. Smart home systems work according to a predefined scenario that can be configured by users or solution developers. The system will always work as programmed. The smart home can be controlled locally and monitored remotely.
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