SKANSTES CITY A class office space

Buildings that think for themselves.
Ever wonder, what is a Building management system, and how are the advantages of building?

In a rapidly growing era of development, owners are increasingly seeking data that provides a clear picture of building operations, equipment, and efficiency opportunities in their properties.

For many, including Skanstes City A class offices, this begins with implementing and maintaining Building Management System (BMS).

Echoo Group team is grateful to Skanstes City for their trust, our journey together can begin.

BMS is a tool that enables:
✔Access to the full picture with data Livestream visualisation
✔Monitoring of building systems like HVAC, Lightning, Occupancy, Water, gas, and power meters.
✔Diagnose real problems that might otherwise be overlooked
✔Quickly implement solutions, before repairs are needed or systems breakdown
✔ Increase energy and utility efficiency opportunities, enabling to reduce overall energy consumption by as much as 30%.
✔ Optimized Maintenance Teams by eliminating unnecessary maintenance.

Better when together!
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