”Success is the ability to work together toward a common mission” this is not only about people, but also about the devices.

Echoo Group is all about connectivity. Yliopiston Apteeekki, Cleanroom project in Finland imposed a new bar of complexity in connecting engineering systems.
The clean room differs from any other room by its strict environment control. Where Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are responsible for temperature and the humidity to ensure the limits. 

Our engineers, have developed a building management automation system that provides:
-Microclimate management
-Differentiated pressure control (+ 30Pa)
-Light control
-Door opening and locking control, providing a logic that prohibits the combination of more than two rooms at the same time.
-Visualization showing the processes taking place in the fan and microclimate data: Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, as well as the condition of the valves.
Better when together!
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